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How Long to Keep Tenancy Agreement

As a tenant or a landlord, one important document you`ll need to keep safe and secure is your tenancy agreement. This legal document outlines the terms and conditions of the tenancy and serves as a legal protection for both parties involved. But how long do you need to keep this document after the tenancy has ended?

There`s no set rule for how long you should keep your tenancy agreement. However, it`s generally recommended that you keep the document for at least six years after the tenancy ends. This is because the statute of limitations for most civil claims is six years, so you`ll need the tenancy agreement as evidence if a dispute arises.

Additionally, if you`re a landlord, you may need to refer back to the tenancy agreement to clarify certain terms and conditions if a former tenant contacts you with questions or concerns. Keeping the document on file can also protect you in the event of a tax audit, as you`ll need to show evidence of income and expenses related to your rental property.

It`s important to note that you don`t need to keep physical copies of the tenancy agreement – a digital copy or scan is sufficient. Just make sure that it`s saved in a secure location that you can easily access when needed.

In summary, it`s recommended that you keep your tenancy agreement for at least six years after the tenancy ends. This will provide you with legal protection and evidence if any disputes arise, and can also be helpful to refer back to in the future. As always, it`s best to consult with legal and tax professionals for specific advice on your situation.